A Short Introduction

This is the blog of a man who doesn’t exist.

However, he’s now the co-author of a book in the official Star Wars franchise, so he should probably have some sort of web presence to do all those cynical audience-building things.

The book gig, incidentally, was sidekicking the legendary and multi-talented Jason Fry on The Essential Guide to Warfare, out now from Random House and all good bookstores. It was huge fun, and you can read more about it at Paul’s other blog, the official one hosted by his publisher.

This, by way of contrast, is Paul’s personal space. And I suppose I should begin by explaining who he is.

Paul Urquhart was originally a collective nom de guerre designed to disguise the nefarious online activities of three or four bored students (a sort of fanboy Luther Blisset, if you will). Eventually, as the other guys grew up, he became a convenient online persona that allows me to remain more-or-less anonymous.

Everything that Paul says is actually true, it’s just had all the serial number filed off, or occasionally been written in a slightly misleading way for literary effect.

There are various reasons why I don’t use my real identity, some of which I’ll probably explain eventually. But I suppose, when I come down to it, I find it more interesting not to.

The real me is a historian of questionable competence, and a Catholic of questionable virtue (though I used to be a very good Episcopalian). I have two rather intermittent blogs of my own, neither of which exactly has a large readership.

Over here, Paul will talk about the things that the real me would consider out-of-character. Expect meandering thoughts on sci-fi physics, high fantasy, Klingons, and the novels of Ian M. Banks. And Star Wars too, obviously.

And maybe occasionally some original short fiction.

Anyway, now it’s time for me to fix myself a whisky somewhere backstage… and it’s over to the other guy!

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