Space Battleship!

Fans of genre fiction may recognize the franchise….

Apparently this was made in 2010, topped the Japanese box-office, has proved a bankable Blu-Ray elsewhere, and still hasn’t got anything closer to a release in English-speaking markets than subtitles on a region 4 DVD.

I feel there should be some way to connect this to the similarly-themed live-action movie in the similarly-named but otherwise comically different Battleship franchise, but I’m not quite sure whether the point is that Battleship tanked in the domestic and UK markets, or whether Space Battleship makes it look awfully like Universal Pictures made a $200 million mockbuster.


One thought on “Space Battleship!

  1. I’ve heard that it’s essentially NuBSG in Japanese, most significantly with the Yuki Mori character being recast in the mold of Katee Sackhoff’s bitchy fighter pilot.

    I haven’t seen it and don’t speak Japanese though, so I can’t vouch for whether or not, or to what degree, this may be the case.

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